Meet Kristina!

Howdy! I’m Kristina, and I’m excited to be a contributor for Ave&Jay! You can call me Krissy or Kris… Come to think of it, I will also answer to ‘Gertrude’ (college… that’s a story for another day). This is me in all my lazy-day glory, standing in what will soon be my home office.


I spend my days caring for my family as what you might call a modern-traditional housewife (is that even a thing?). You know the kind… cooking, cleaning, sewing, napping, binge-streaming Netflix, texting my husband funny photos of the “kids”, etc. I should probably mention my “kids” actually have four legs, tails, and fur. Lots and lots of fur.

Y’all would be bored to tears if I started listing my many hobbies and interests. I’m not a “Jack of All Trades”… but more of a “Jack Will Try Anything For a Little While” sort of person. That being said, I am incredibly excited for this opportunity to add writing back into my life as we’re old pals. Journalism was an interest I didn’t discover until I had spent three years on a student newspaper staff in college. Unfortunately, I could see the finish line for my faith-based psychology degree by the time my school developed a journalism program. Needles to say, “Gertrude” was developing a major case of senior-itis and chose to stay true to the course. For the next several years, I would basically work as a wedding photographer with an expensive passion for mental health. Currently, I’m in-between stages of entrepreneurship but will soon be reopening my small, online vintage clothing store I closed at the end of last year during our transition of moving from Arkansas to Colorado for my husband’s career.

I am beyond thankful for my journey, as well as this opportunity Lindsay has given me to be a part of this wonderful community. Her vision is AMAZING, so be sure to stick around if you find your half-empty glass needing a refill. I hope my contribution will serve you well as I share my thoughts and experiences. Happy reading!



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