Kitchen Talk: Coca-Cola Cake

If you’ve been following me for any time on social media, you know I love to spend time in the kitchen, and now that I have little ones, WE love to spend time in the kitchen.

The kitchen is called the heart of the home because it’s the room where we most tend to gather. It’s filled with comfort in the form of a favorite food, warmth from the stove, and familiar smells wafting from the oven.

It has always been my desire that our home be a safe place, and that applies to every room of the house. So the kitchen is where we safely perform all of our experiments. Sometimes they’re with finger paint and sometimes they’re with flour, sugar, and milk inside mixing bowls.

My kids help me in the kitchen as much as possible. Sometimes it’s just putting a sippy cup away for me while I’m unloading the dishwasher and other times it’s scooping and pouring and flipping levers while we make a batch of banana muffins- it all depends on their current developmental stage.

A few nights ago I was putting our three year old down for bed after a full day of experimenting in the kitchen, and she asked me why she doesn’t hear God talk to her when she prays to him. In the most simple way that I could explain it, I answered her question: sometimes people do hear God like how she could hear my voice right then, sometimes people only hear Him inside their heads, but regardless, we can always know what He says because we have The Bible, and God wrote The Bible.

I could tell she didn’t really understand, and I knew a lot of that was because of how tired she was. So, I gave her a tight hug and let her drift off to dreamland.

A few mornings later I was pulling out ingredients to make icing for a coca-cola cake out of the Magnolia Table cookbook. My daughter so sweetly reassured me that the cake would be perfectly fine without icing, so I didn’t need to continue on my quest to make it. However, I told her that I always follow the recipe the first time I make something because if I follow the instructions, technically whatever I’m making should taste good.

Several minutes later we were dolloping tablespoons of butter into the mixing bowl of our stand mixer, and again she told me it would be ok if we didn’t use all 12 tablespoons that we were counting out.

Me: But JoJo says we need 12.

Ave: Who is JoJo?

Me: (pointing to the cookbook) That’s JoJo. She’s the one who wrote the recipe for the cake. She knows how to make it, so she wrote down the instructions, and if we do it like she says, it will taste just like the cake she makes.

Ave: (staring at the cover picture) But how can she talk to us??

Me: (trying so hard not to laugh) Well, she wrote the directions down, so she doesn’t have to talk to us, because we can read what she wrote. (I opened the book and pointed to the words of the cake recipe).

Ave: Oh. Ok.

A few minutes later we were adding our powdered sugar to the mixing bowl, and I took that moment to remind her of the conversation we’d had a couple days prior about God talking to us through the Bible. Even if we can’t hear him like how she could hear me talking to her right there in our kitchen, we can know what He says if we know what the Bible says. Just like how we can know how to make this cake even though we can’t talk to her face to face or on the phone.

Does knowing our Bible backwards and forwards mean that our life will be just as sweet and easy as JoJo’s coca-cola cake? Not at all. But, in those moments when God feels far away, when we wonder where He is within the circumstances we or a loved one finds ourselves, the living words of the Bible, inspired by God to be written by men, will never fail to speak truth.

Now, I can’t say it always works out that way when you follow a recipe exactly right, but I have never once regretted knowing and believing the Word of God.

“Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.” John 17:17

Until next time,

❤ Lindsay

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